Foam Gun Prewash – 1000ml

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Foam Gun Prewash from Mafra’s Maniac Line ™ is the foam to be used in the pre-wash phase. Thanks to its great cleaning capacity, it is able to eliminate smog, road dirt, midges, organic residues of plants and birds.
Cleans, polishes, protects;
Respect the protective applied;
Multifunctional product;
Pleasantly scented.
The product is multifunctional, it is recommended for use through a foam gun (foam lance) but can be used as an excellent pre-wash with a low pressure manual pump. If used with a pressure washer, it eliminates 90% of dirt and avoids micro-scratches during the washing phase.
Foam Gun Prewash can be used frequently because it respects the previously applied protective agents, including nanotechnology-based protective products or coatings.


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